How do I sign up for classes?

First. Make sure you have purchased classes. You may have to create an account but it’s fast and easy!

Then, click here to register on our class schedule page.

Done. Now let’s get after it!

What does it mean when a class is marked “waitlist only?”

It means the class is at full capacity, but if you get on the waitlist and there’s a cancellation, you will be noticed via text and/or e-mail that you made it into the class.

How do I “bring a friend free”?

To “bring a friend free” it must be their first time at Bikeorbar and you must have a Bikeorbar package.

The class must also specify BAFF in the description. Have your friend make a Bikeorbar profile then select the class, then select “bring a friend free” as their payment option.


How can I sign up online with my Flexfit card?

Your Flexfit card works just like a credit card to do an online payment.

Where can I park?

There is free street parking on our block, also the residential street St. James Place has tons of parking spots.

How early in advance do I have to cancel a scheduled class before I lose my class pass?

If you have a 6-pack of classes, you must early cancel a class at least two hours before class start time or you will lose one of your class passes.

How will I know if classes are cancelled?

Once in a great while we may have to deal with something like Snowzilla here in Buffalo. We will do our best to notify you via text or email in the event that we must cancel a class, but you can also check our Facebook or Twitter accounts if there is a weather concern.